Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Shaghalni to Host Egypt's First Employment Forum for Women

Focusing on blue and grey collar jobs, the online platform is hosting an employment forum that will focus on opportunities for women at AUC Tahrir Cultural Center on November 13th.

Cairo Scene

Shaghalni, an online platform for blue and grey collar job seekers, is launching Egypt’s first employment fair focusing on opportunities for women at the AUC Tahrir Cultural Center on November 13th, hosting a myriad of major companies operating in the country.

Although women represent nearly half of Egypt’s total population, they only make up 14.3% of the country’s total workforce. The employment forum seeks to facilitate women’s participation in the labor force and bridge the gender disparity by connecting them to potential employers and streamlining the tedious and often inaccessible hiring process.

Shaghalni platform strives to ensure the availability of equal job opportunities to all people based on merit, without discrimination of race, gender or disability. The platform has supported equal opportunity employment through an array of initiatives including the establishment of the ‘Azm Forum for Inclusive Employment’ in partnership with the Ministry of Social Solidarity and ‘Helm’, an NGO spearheading the integration of people with disabilities into society.