Friday 3 of February, 2023
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Sheikh Your Booty

An Italian modelling agency has reported that a UAE Sheikh has requested 60 beautiful women to accompany him on a shopping trip around Europe.

Staff Writer
We've seen rich Emiratis buy a lot of stupid things; pet lions, gold phones, gold lions, pet phones... But finally, finally, one has got it right. It was reported by a top modelling agency in Northern Italy, DocStile, that a prominent Dubai sheikh has requested up to 60 "young and beautiful" women to accompany him on a shopping trip around Europe that will take him and his new found harem to London, Paris, Madrid, Stockholm, Ibiza and, finally, Italy.
The chosen women will be expected to be "refined" and know how to behave around couture fashion, i.e. not chavs who try to rip off the price tag. The pimp sheikh has also requested that it would be nice if the they have some knowledge of Arab culture and a deep understanding of the world of fashion to advise the sheikh and his entourage on style, but what he probably means is big breasts and knowing to speak when spoken to. The job mind you, pays €100 a day and includes unlimited shopping. The spokeswoman from DocStile said it’s not unusual for the agency to receive such adverts, especially ahead of the summer months.
The one thing that they've blatantly seemed to have miss is, how will 60 Italian models help him pick out the same thobe everyday?