Friday April 12th, 2024
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Sherlocked: Egypt's Newest Escape Room

Channel your inner detective to find your way out. Pipe optional.

Staff Writer

Sherlocked: Egypt's Newest Escape Room

You are trapped, stuck with this feeling of abandonment, as if the world has already forgotten about you, barely breathing and practically losing your sanity and sense of reality. By now you even fear the silence, when the only sound you have been hearing is the hasty pumping of your terrified heart. Your friends are right there with you but in many ways you are each alone and lost within the essence of your own fears, each of you trying to survive the one hour countdown, feeling each minute grow slower than the one before as the ticking sounds inside of your head grow louder and louder; you are not even sure if the hour will ever end. Habiby wi habibty, you are trapped and this might be the end! But wait! There has to be a way out, there just must be something you could do. Ready your magnifying glass and bring out the little detective inside of you; time to become the Sherlock Holmes of the hour. Watson is afraid and your friends need you. Use them, utilise every element in that room, it is time to escape. You must find freedom!
 At Sherlocked, the latest addition to Egypt's recent trend of real-life escape rooms, you get to experience the true essence of the theme of the room you are trapped in. It is not just a game anymore because each minute develops it into becoming a reality. Beats going to the movies; doesn’t it?

Feeling brave enough? Click here to see more details on their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram @SherlockedEgypt