Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Sherwal: Hippie Meets 1001 Nights

The latest in boho-chic, Sherwal brings us a gorgeous twist on the much-loved Aladdin pants, for those of us who want to unleash their inner free spirit.

Staff Writer

If you're one of those people who adore that whole Oriental-with-a-twist look, you'll definitely love Sherwal and their kaleidoscopic pieces. The brand was launched in the summer of 2011, when its founder Hamsa Rabei, who has a self-professed undying love of sherwals (Aladdin pants), found that her friends were seriously interested in the trousers she was constantly wearing. With a background in retail (having worked with Bebe and French Connection to name a few) Rabei decided "to quit the corporate life and get into designing." And thus the boho-meets-ethnic brand was born.

What started out as a small passion project, snowballed into a boutique in 2013. "My first boutique was actually in the garage of my house!" Rabei laughs. Just two months ago, she opened another one in City Stars, and will soon start featuring the eclectic pieces in Beymen, as well as by the seaside in The Dressing Room's Hacienda Bay venue.

Rabei describes the brand's concept as "boho-hippie with a bit of an ethnic vibe." Of the recent style trend, Rabei insists, "Sherwal isn’t a 'fashion trend' – I hate it when people say 'oh, it's out of season, oh, it was fashionable last year' – it isn’t a fad, it's a style of clothing, just like skirts or t-shirts!"

We second that. These endlessly comfortable pants are a wardrobe staple in and of themselves. Plus Sherwal's pants come in a myriad of prints – paisley, Oriental, you name it.

"I'm in love with prints," Rabei tells us. "I believe they're even more important than the design because you can have the simplest design with an awesome print." Bored with basics, Rabei wanted every piece to pop; "Prints are cheerful – the idea is essentially to make people smile when they look at you."

Their latest collection, shot by Batool El Daawi, features a lot of loose-flowing blouses, some sherwals, and other more streamlined pants, all with the brand's signature busy prints.

They've also got a new, limited edition collection in the works, set to be released right before Eid, which Rabei says will involve "more Indian-style fabrics, Sari fabrics, some kimonos," and of course, their signature sherwals!

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @thesherwal.