Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Shutter Up

Throughout those heavy musky curtains and get rid of those cheapo brown blinds - there's a new window covering company in town and they're letting the light back in. CairoScene takes a look at The Shutter Company...

Staff Writer

Natural light is one of the world’s greatest simple pleasures. The feeling of the sun on your skin, or the way it floods into a room and brightens anything in its path; there’s just something magical about the light.

We love that there’s loads of it in Cairo and we love it even more when our homes are filled with it.

However, there are a few things we DON’T love in Cairo. Dust storms are pretty high on the list. So are nosy neighbours, whose windows are entirely too close to our own. Add to that, the site of perpetual traffic jams. So what are we to do? Should we sacrifice our love of light and just stay away from rooms with windows? Not a chance. Instead, we take control of our windows and call The Shutter Company.

The Shutter Company, a leading manufacturer of bespoke window treatments in the UK is now in Egypt, and they are beautifying Cairo, one window at a time with gorgeous, custom-fit blinds and shutters. These are not your typical close-you-off-from-the-rest-of-the-world Venetian blinds (although they do have the highest-quality Venetians on the market.) The Shutter Company’s stand on windows is to celebrate and enhance your view of the world, while occasionally cutting you off from the rest of the world – Friday mornings beg for these blackout blinds:

What makes The Shutter Company worlds better than anything else Egypt has to offer in the way of window treatments is the hundreds of gorgeous fabrics and trimmings available. Stop suffering with dark dreary drapes and pick from beautiful patterns to brighten up your home. The Shutter Company carries everything from the hottest trends in interior fabrics, to classic looks that will keep your home looking gorgeous for years to come. From fabulous florals and lovely lace to stately stripes, The Shutter Company has it all.

Available in panels, rollers, and Roman style, all of The Shutter Company’s blinds are custom fit to your windows, so whether you need fittings for floor to ceiling or a small skylight, The Shutter Company has you covered. So call The Shutter Company today for a free no-obligation survey of your windows and take control of the light in your home with style.

Follow The Shutter Company on Twitter @ShutterCoEG and like them on Facebook here. For more information visit or call +202 3335 2511