Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Simplicity Gallery: Pretty Fancy Things

Not your run-of-the-mill knick-knacks; Simplicity Gallery fills that hole in your soul that craves key chains, mugs, and other novelty items, all gorgeously hand-painted and customised.

Staff Writer

People need things, they also need things to put their things in; it is just the way the world works. The question is, how does your shit compare to that of your colleagues at work? Is a plain mobile case a fashion risk you are willing to take? We think not, so let’s remedy that, shall we?Simplicity Gallery fills the gap in our country’s ailing economy with knick-knacks because everyone needs a purse with with their name scrawled on it in Arabic calligraphy. Listen, we can never find our names on bags and keychains when we're outside of Egypt - it's always Jessicas and Lizzies - so this is our chance to brand items with our names, goddammit! Having your name printed on one of their gorgeous purses could also come in handy if you ever lose your ID and you die in a car accident in a foreign country and the authorities don’t know what to write on your gravestone.

This is just the tip of the iceberg that is Simplicity’s wide array of miscellaneous products; they have everything from trays with tiny painted flowers adorning them to adorable key chains that say, “Best Teacher” and “Best Mom” but it doesn’t really make sense for you to buy either of those if you are a male accountant. Simplicity fills that hole in your soul that craves key chains, mugs, and other novelty items!

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