Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Skateimpact Releasing First Ever Arabic Tricks & Tips Video

The Arab world's first native skateboarding tutorials come courtesy of Egypt's finest skaters.

Staff Writer

Skateimpact Releasing First Ever Arabic Tricks & Tips Video

It doesn't matter if you're a pre-teen looking for a new hobby or a grown-up nine to fiver trying to reconnect with your youth; it doesn't matter if your Mama thinks it's silly or the popo are on your ass; it doesn't matter about the weird stares and midday glare... Skateboarding is for everybody. There's nothing quite like the feeling of soaring six feet above the ground and landing smoothly with nothing but a small piece of wood and polyurethane on wheels. 

And thanks to Skateimpact, Egypt's first ever skate shop and crew, running for over a decade, the Arab world is not excluded from that feeling. With a quickly growing community of skaters now in their hometown of Alexandria, as well as Cairo, they've decided to extend an olive branch to a wider community of people in the Arab world, who otherwise don't have the tools to learn how to skate.

Their upcoming DVD release, The Road To Skateboarding, is 100% bel 3araby. The videos will feature Skateimpact's team riders including Amin Rida, Omar Adel, Karim Alexander Forsberg and Ziad Ashraf, filmed and edited by the brilliant Muhammed Ibrahim, with music by talented sound engineer Amr El Abiad. Each clip will have one of the team riders explain in detail how to perfect specific skate tricks in native tongue, with a host of different angles and close ups. There's no doubt that initiatives like this is what will grow the sport on a larger scale in the Arab world. 

Check out the first episode for the staple of skateboarding, the Ollie, below with Karim Alexander Fosberg and stay tuned to Skateimpact's fanpage for more releases.