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Skincare Brand Scrublish’s All-Natural Essence is More Than Skin Deep

Scrublish makes all-natural, homemade scrubs and creams for every part of your body to give your skin that summertime glow.

Founded by material science engineer Haya Amr, local skincare brand Scrublish focuses on using raw, real ingredients with zero chemicals, zero plastics and a whole lot of homemade realness to nurture your skin in a healthy, natural way.

“We wanted to create something that was natural and affordable so that it would be accessible to everyone and have their skin glowing in time for the summer,” Amr told #CairoScene.

Scrublish uses sugar, salt, shea butter, and other moisturizing ingredients to make their products. The main gist? Zero artificial chemicals are used along the production process. The components are chosen for their natural processes, using proven time-tested methods instead of green-flavoured mysticism to bring about glowing results on your skin - that their products expire within six months of opening is a small price to pay for an organic experience.

The dedication to nature goes all the way down to their packaging, which is totally eco-friendly, opting for paper, glass, and wood substitutes instead of plastics.

Scrublish will soon be introducing colour tints, tanning oils, and body mists to their product line to keep the journey of luscious skin ongoing. They currently ship to all governorates across the country; to order for yourself, you can visit their Instagram page at @scrublish.

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