Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Sky Park is the Sheikh Zayed Spot Letting You Fly

Sky Park, a newly-opened zipline park in Sheikh Zayed, gives you the opportunity to fly through the air and test your limits on their 45 obstacles.

Farah Ibrahim

Want to go ziplining? Let us answer that for you: of course you do. The adrenaline. The wind rushing through your hair. The embarrassing mid-zipline snapshot that your friend insists on sharing all over the internet. If you’ve never experienced that before, you’re missing out. And if you don’t feel like you’re ready for it, there’s only one way to get over it: by visiting Sky Park, a newly-opened zipline park in Sheikh Zayed.

Stepping into Sky Park, you’re immediately surrounded by wall-to-wall displays of greenery and facilities built entirely from bamboo and wood, making you feel like Tarzan… or George of the Jungle, if you’re not quite that confident yet. 

“Once you decide to cling your harness to the course, there’s only one way down and that’s right at the end of your path,” chairman and CEO of Sky Park Ahmed Habib tells #CairoScene. “But as soon as you overcome your challenge you won’t be the same person who came up. You’ll become a new, more joyful, more confident being who is always willing to take the risk and prove to himself that he is stronger.” 

The park recently opened its doors on June 5th, with four courses and 45 obstacles ranging from junior to expert levels of difficulty. All of these courses are elevated in the sky, so you’ll have to literally fly through them to get to the end. Are you up for the challenge?