Saturday June 15th, 2024
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SkyDive Pharaohs Hosts ‘Flying Over Madinaty’ Experience

The adrenaline-inducing skydiving experience will occur throughout the weekend.

Karim Moustafa

SkyDive Pharaohs Hosts ‘Flying Over Madinaty’ Experience

Gear up with your skydiving equipment and prepare to become one with the clouds at extravagant destination Madinaty's upcoming experience, 'Flying over Madinaty', where you’ll get to marvel at the beauty of the city from above.

This event aims to promote the city's dynamic infrastructure and facilities through aerial sight-seeing, and showcase Madinaty as a tourism attraction ideal for both tranquil getaways and adrenaline-inducing events.

The flying experience will occur between May 24th and May 25th. You can secure your ticket through SkyDive Pharaoh’s official website.