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Sound Waves for Brain Waves

A new app claims that certain frequencies in certain sequences can help you fall asleep, boost confidence and focus more, among other states.

A high BMP and thumping kick can make you work out harder, a soothing melody can make you relax, a rythmic beat can make you focus and the ever elusive brown note will make you shit yourself. Humans have always associated certain sounds to activities and emotional states, but new iPhone application, Brainwave, packages all these concepts, stripping sounds down to the bare frequencies that effect your synapses and present them to you in the form of various states of mind that you can choose from. Let's say you haven't slept well and you're lacking energy. Forget your morning coffee; using advanced sequencing of binaural tones, Brainwave includes options like Energy Boost - a sound will play that is supposed to amplify your energy levels and you can decide for how long you want to play it with a timer, as well as add that frequency into an existing track on your own playlist. Other state-inducing sound options include frequencies for sleep, focus, positive mood, confidence, anxiety, stress relief, relaxation, yoga, memory, motivation, and headache relief. So next time you get that text from Vodafone cutting your line, just switch on Brainwave and relax.

Brainwave is available from iTunes for $2.99