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Stickum: The Egyptian Brand Creating Artsy Home Accessories Using Concrete

The concept of concrete home accessories is getting harder and harder to ignore...

Stickum: The Egyptian Brand Creating Artsy Home Accessories Using Concrete

While cement is one of the last materials one would turn to in the name of home accessories, local brand, Stickum Egypt, not only uses cement, but celebrates it. Stickum started when founder and designer, Farah Fayoumi, was forced to spend a month at home and started getting inspired by videos online and decided to start playing around with cement.

“I was watching an interior design TV program and they were renovating their home using all self-made products,” Fayoumi tells CairoScene of the spark that led to the launch of Stickum in September last year.


Pottery and ceramic-making have become increasingly popular, but she wanted to present something different to the market. Self-taught, she explores different techniques using trial and error and makes her own molds - it’s a one-woman show. She’s currently exploring and experimenting with brass embedding the design.

Fayoumi’s products include jars, wall hangers, coasters, lighting units, candle holders and ashtrays. She’s currently hoping to expand to bigger products like furniture - tables, in specific. She’s currently looking to collaborate with artists to produce bigger and more artistic, detail-oriented designs, following on from a number of collaborations that she's already undertaken.



Collaborations include providing Mazeej, the newest boutique hotel in the North Coast, with atypically-looking ashtrays, giving them a new look and making display blocks for jewelry brands such as M Collection and Amani in the Sooch Fashion store, also in the North Coast.


Fayoumi initially studied International Business but had always had an eye for art and design, while loving nature all the same. A recycler at heart and a dabbler in terrazzo, she reuses and re-purposes old glass bottles, plastic, stones and bits and pieces of everything, integrating them into her cement pieces. Her packaging is even eco-friendly.

When asked why 'Stickum' (a word used these days to refer to any adhesive substance), Fayoumi replied, "I'm an extremely analytical person by nature, so I kept researching a lot of the origins for the word cement/concrete/plaster etc..and I kept looking until the word Stickum showed up. It was love at first sight."

Check out more of Stickum on Instagram