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Stupidest Questions About Egypt

From Yahoo Answers...

While most people are inquisitive about more practical issues such as the cost of a taxi from the airport or the current saftey of the country, others are well, ridiculous, but being the good samaritans that we are, we're still willing to guide the way...

Firstly, we don't suggest that anyone send a letter to Egypt. More than likely it will get lost due to our terrible/non-existent postal service. However, if you tried to post a letter to the whole country of Egypt, you might as well just flush it down the toilet and hope for the best. This is of course if you are talking about postal codes. However, if you are referring to postal cod, a fish who delivers letters, unfortunately, we do not have any. Do you? Just to summarise, countries do not have postal codes, cities do.
The absolute location of Egypt is Egypt. The not-so absolute location of Egypt is somewhere near Russia.
There's a couple more than that...
If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it, what season is it if you're a fucking idiot?
One part rocks, two parts Jews, one part PVA glue.
Are you planning something?
No, but we heard there is a strip club in Zamalek, if you're interested...
A couple of people do yeah, but shhhh.
Loves Egypt, hates herself.
How is it going so far?
Not really, I mean there was this thing last year with a bunch of dudes who really liked Islam, but apart from that we are a 100% secular nation where Muslims, Jews, Christians and Buddhists walk hand in hand.
It's actually a dessert.
Shut ub your mouse.