Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Swimming Meets Clubbing at The Gabriel Hotel's New Pool Club

Break a sweat while dancing? Just hop in the pool! It's the best of both worlds at The Gabriel Hotel's Pool Club.

Staff Writer

It’s Thursday night; you rush through hellish traffic after work back to your house, shower quickly, blow dry that hair, put on makeup – watch out for the eyeliner! Put on a night outfit, some heels; your friends are already downstairs – hurry, hurry! You get into the car, back again to swimming through the still hellish traffic, and head to Maadi and then Zamalek. You enter the now overly-familiar club, where you hung out last week, and the week before it, and the one before it, and before it, and before it. The familiarity of the place kills your mood. And the bigger problem is you want to dance but it’s so freakin' hot so you'd rather just jump in a pool of water.
You wonder about this terrible dilemma, not knowing that Cairo – more specifically, The Gabriel Hotel – brings together the best of both worlds. The Pool Club, which officially opened on the 15th of the month at The Gabriel Hotel, combines the best elements of our lives: swimming, sunbathing, music, dining, fashion, entertainment, and even art and film. Relaxing on a comfy bed by the pool, sipping on some cold cocktails in the hot weather, with purple and pink lights illuminating the water in front of you, listening to some sick DJ tunes and taking a dip whenever you feel like it – perfection.No more waiting at the door at night with your gang, begging the security guard to let you in the club, or choking with the terrible smoke inside the poorly ventilated party hubs. Now, you can have your dance and go for a swim, too. Sayonara, conventional clubbing!

To find out more, you can visit The Pool Club Facebook page.