Monday May 29th, 2023
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Swvl Makes Donating Clothes Simple this Ramadan

Local bus hailing app Swvl and the Egyptian Clothing Bank have come together to help us donate our clothes easily and safely this Ramadan.

Cairo Scene

It hasn’t been an easy couple years for any of us. But some have had it harder than most - and the only way we can get through it is by doing everything we can to help each other. But within those years of pandemic-filled uncertainty, our community has always found a way to pull through for one another, and there’s no better time for it than in the holy month of Ramadan. That’s why this month, local bus hailing app Swvl and the Egyptian Clothing Bank have come together to help us through all the troubles and problems, and pull our neighbours out of the darkness with us.

Through the Swvl app, users can look up 'flagged' cars, which can be used as donation drop-off points. The flagged cars will be emblazoned with the words ' بنك الكساء المصري ' (Arabic for 'Egyptian Clothing Bank'), and can either be booked during your regular commute, or can be tracked down at their regular stations. Whether or not you're taking a ride, you can drop off your old clothes at these vehicles, which will then be taken straight to the Egyptian Clothing Bank.

On top of that, all busses used by Swvl Corporate clients will double as 'donation busses', so that any busy businessperson could donate during their ride to work. Whether it’s the pandemic or a tight schedule, this team-up will help you pass through those obstacles, and make it easier for you to help out a person in need yourself.

This partnership will last throughout the entire month of Ramadan, starting Tuesday, April 13th.