Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Take Workout From Home to the Next Level With FTNS Truck's Mobile Gym

The FTNS Truck is a mobile gym that allows your personal coach to literally pull you off the coach and drag you to the yoga mat.

Fadila Khalid

Raise your hand if you groan at the thought of hitting the gym after work, and having to drag your feet there by sheer force of will. The very idea of attempting to choose a cute gym outfit (because half the reason we go to the gym is for those mirror selfies, obviously) seems like such a burden. What if we told you that the gym could come to you?

The FTNS Truck is a mobile gym that allows your personal coach to literally come over and pull you off the coach. The concept was created to make personalized fitness experiences accessible to all people; and it’s especially helpful to those who suffer from depression, muscle atrophy, or any other physical or mental illness or condition that makes going to a gym difficult.

“The concept of the FTNS Truck evolved with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic when people could no longer work out at the gym and had to shift exclusively to home workouts,” FTNS Truck founder Ahmed El-Ekhtiary tells CairoScene. “The idea gained popularity and interest in the health community due to its convenience, and our aim is to facilitate the process for people and make fitness as accessible as possible.”

The truck is, in reality, a van carrying a team of certified experts across a range of areas in the health and fitness industry, alongside top-notch gym equipment. The FTNS Truck’s team includes fitness trainers, physiotherapists, nutritionists, health coaches, and life coaches. The FTNS Truck’s first visit is what they call a ‘Discovery Session’, which is conducted by their team through biomechanical, body composition, and fitness assessments. This allows the team to construct a personalized program that works best for you. They also provide personal classes, including yoga, pilates, and kickboxing. In fact, they also offer classes for youth.

At this point in time, the FTNS Truck is only regularly operating two vans, one based in New Cairo and the other in Zayed. They’re also available on the North Coast right now. just for the summer.