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Taking on @TheMiinz

Occasionally CairoScene likes to take on a member of the Twitterati (someone with a lot of followers). We will be ruthless, and fearless, asking the hard-hitting questions that no one else dares to broach...

Today we’re questioning self-proclaimed aspiring journalist and Twitter-fiend Menna Alaa about the revolution, activism and journalism in Egypt. You may know her as @TheMiinz, but did you know she was a spy? Read more:



How often do you speak to your CIA handler?
I’d say quite a lot, if I don’t answer my CIA inspector, I don’t get my monthly cheque.

Describe your favourite Tahrir outfit in 3 words?
Backpack, camera (yes, I do dress as a camera), and those dying Nike shoes I claim I use for working out.

How do you cover up the fact that you are a spy? What do you tell people?
I tell them I work at a pet store, and then I get asked if I sell Golden Retrievers for 4000LE by the elite.

Explain the difference between American and Egyptian tear gas. Which tastes better?
I don’t know about the American, but I’m told it tastes like cheeseburger, unlike the Egyptian one that tastes likesogo2.

How many Twitter followers did you have before the revolution?
Not much. I was being trained in the US at that time by my CIA bosses, so I kept a low profile.

On a scale of 1 to fairytale, how much do you embellish your stories?
As much as CairoScene’s bloggers do.

Does the news agency you work for actually know you are working for them or do you put their name on your profile to get more followers?
I get paid to write their names everywhere. We can say I’m their favourite corporate slave.

If you do actually have a job with a news agency, how many requests for a transfer out of Egypt have you made?
Is sneaking out of the office and going to Zamalek for coffee considered a transfer?

When will you start coverage of France’s Arab Spring?
When we have a French revolution that enhances croissants in the Arab world….or when Egyptians stop opening up cupcake stores.

Do you wish you were Sandmonkey?
Sandmonkey and I are the same person.

Is Mubarak dead?
Mubarak is currently residing in Maadi, with a juicy Lucille’s burger in hand…so we can say, yeah his cholesterol level is clinically dead.