Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Tara Emad is Auctioning off Dress to Rescue an Abused Stray

Tara Emad tells us all about her dress auction in the name of the purest cause ever, showing us there's still hope for humanity.

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Tara Emad is Auctioning off Dress to Rescue an Abused Stray

Tara Emad is most commonly known as an actress and model, but thanks to a recent heartfelt endeavor to save an abused dog, we know her to have a heart of gold.

Since yesterday, Emad has been holding an online auction via Instagram story for a gorgeous Yasmin Mansour dress.

In an interview with Cairoscene, Emad went in in depth about the cause and what drew her to it:

“Well I’ve had this idea of auctioning this dress for a while now. So I decided to go with the first case that I see that needs help. So Balala came up. Im hoping to raise enough money to not only her her but other dogs in other shelters that need crucial help instantly.”

The actress and model could have just donated herself, but she decided to use her star-power to boost the cause and raise awareness.

“I’ve got some beautiful dresses that I’ve worn once at big events and I highly doubt I will be wearing them again,” she explains. This isn’t a one-shot thing for Emad as she plans to put up for auctions in the future, stating:

“The dresses deserve to be worn again, and I’m sure someone would fall in love with them and want to buy them. Hence, helping numerous dogs out of their misery.”

 The initial bid started at 2,000 le, and as of noon today it’s reached a whopping 10,000 le! This is great news for Balala, the precious baby who faced the threat of being put down for having mange.

We live in a culture where animal rights don’t get nearly enough attention. For most Egyptians, strays are seen as a nuisance instead of recognizing the dire need for animal rights intervention. Worldwide people don’t understand the importance of animal rights and think efforts would be better spent on the homeless, children- just actual humans in general. When asked about her choice of charity, the compassionate beauty had this to say:

“Well I say this is my cause. And its okay if people see that I’m being insensible. If so, I urge them to help those causes they truly believe in. So to each his own, basically. However, I already have a few dresses and ideas up my sleeve to help pay some children’s school tuition and prepare them for the winter.”

Thanks to Emad’s efforts in cooperation with the Animal Protection Foundation in Egypt, Balala has a chance of being cured and hopefully living a long, safe, healthy life.

The auction is set to end tomorrow, October 22nd at 12pm.


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