Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Teadance Takes Off to Mykonos

First it was Cairo. Then it was Dubai. Now byGanz is heading to the Greek Isles. Find out more...

Staff Writer

Oh byGanz, you of the outrageous parties and crazy fun times. How we miss you during Ramadan…  These party purveyors have solidified their spot as the shenanigan kings of Cairo, after which they took Dubai by storm, and now are turning their sights onto the veritable hometown of wild antics, Mykonos.  Well you know what they say, first step Mykonos, next step the world. And byGanz definitely seem to be set on world (partying) domination.

The godfathers of blowout bashes are teaming up with Nammos Mykonos, a beachside bar (well, they call themselves a restaurant, but we've seen the photos and we beg to differ) set on the insanely gorgeous Psarou Beach, which is all white sand, screen-saver blue water, and beautiful half-naked humans, to bring their notorious and very tipsy Teadance to the island spot. You can expect what we’ve all come to expect from a byGanz shindig; a wild time, wicked décor, lots of liquor, and some seriously good music. Now that it's in Mykonos you can also expect a lot of hot Greek people, who look like hotter version of Egyptians. Their lips are sealed on who is set to take over the decks (until Sunday) but we can tell you it's a big, international name, who will have you fist-pumping and in a state of frenzied dancing until your feet ache.

The party is set to take place on the 17th of August, so y'know if you happen to be in Mykonos at the time make sure to drop by. Or book your ticket from now because we all know that byGanz plus Mykonos equals an explosively epic time, totally worth heading to a different continent for. It starts at 4pm so you can catch some rays, crank up your tan and then we all know the beats won't stop till the wee hours of the morning.

Here are some photos of their partners and the place where the party will be held, Nammos Mykonos, to get you in the mood and/or get you terrifically jealous of the people who are going.