Tuesday October 3rd, 2023
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The 9 Biggest Beauty Trends Egyptians are Obsessed With

We speak to the ultimate authority on beauty, InShape Clinic, on what beautification trends Egyptian women are raving about.

Staff Writer

Once upon a time if your thighs rubbed together because fettah was your ultimate homeboy or your upper lip had so much hair that if you didn’t wax it every three days on the dot people would start calling you 'sir', well you really didn’t have many solutions. But that was then and this is now and times have changed; now the damage you've done to your skin, body, hair, face, and teeth (because let's all be honest: who actually flosses?) is all reversible thanks to the likes of cosmetic surgery clinic InShape Clinic.  

The health and beauty clinic has dominated in its field since its inception a decade ago. Founded by world renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Hani Nabil, the clinic has since opened up seven state-of-the-art branches scattered across the nation, aiming to open their tenth before the end of 2016, and focus on five primary spheres; nutrition, obesity surgeries, cosmetics, skincare, and dental care. And because humanity constantly strives for perfection, which is now that much more attainable, the city's crème de la crème have flocked to InShape Clinic for over 10 years to rectify the gifts god didn’t give them and try and to possibly try and replicate the gifts god gave Angelina Jolie.

We spoke exclusively to the masterminds of pulchritudinous achievements who reveal the top 10 most requested beauty services by Egyptians. Because everyone wants to be perfect.

1. Hair Removal 
Let's all be honest here; we Egyptians are a hairy bunch. If you're a girl, odds are you have to start waxing when you're like, eight, and one of your biggest life struggles continues to be wearing sleeveless shirts in the summer when your arm hair is still in that freshly-sprouting stage. It's too short to wax it; if you shave it will regrow like bear fur. And no one wants that. Laser hair removal is the blessing that the lord and doctors decided to generously bestow upon womankind, understanding the plight of the hairy. Using a state of the art Candela GentleLASE machine, InShape Clinic zaps away the mutant hairs – without the burnt skin horror stories so many of us have heard about.

2. Botox
Yes ageing is a part of life. Yes, we embrace getting older with each year because it means we can now officially use the excuse of 'I'm old, I'm tired' to get out of various birthday parties and outings, and by the time you're fifty no one expects you to have a filter anymore and you can be totally honest (read: rude) in a really loud voice and get away with it, and that's really all we've ever wanted. But that doesn’t mean we want our face to look like it's melting just because we are getting older and wiser. Enter Botox; a minimally invasive nifty little pinprick that's grown incredibly popular over the past five years. Plus InShape Clinic's expert doctors make sure you don't look like your face froze in the winter, and ensure you look natural.

3. Fillers
Another useful little procedure that combats the cruelty of time, fillers are total fixers. Sure, super sallow cheeks work for Johnny Depp but we just look like we've deprived of joy and just rolled out from under a bridge. Fillers plump up your cheeks so you look healthy, happy, and like you eat fruits and vegetables and stuff even though the last time you had a carrot was in 1998. Also if you happen to have lips that only appear if you wear lipstick, fillers will be your ultimate savior.

4. Lipo Sculpture
You try to wake up at the ungodly hour of 8AM on the weekend to go for a jog and you've been on a freaking diet for as long as you can remember  even though every time you eat another salad you want to cry, but no matter how hard you try there are still some stubborn mule-ish deposits of fat that you can’t get rid of. Your love handles still roll out over your jeans and you see the wings flapping on your arms more than you get to actually ever eat real chicken wings because you've been living the KFC-free life since 2010. InShape Clinic's Ultrasound technology is specifically designed to target certain areas of localized fat and subtly reshape your body. The minimally invasive procedure doesn’t even require anesthesia and you can literally go back to your regular day-to-day activities in just 48 hours. We're not saying it's magic or anything but we're also not saying it's not.

5. Fractional Laser
You spent your formative high school years with blackheads uncontrollably sprouting out of your face and your only solace was that one day, ONE DAY, you would never see a goddamn pimple again and you vowed to eliminate any trace of photos that existed during high school so no one would ever know. Except now you're in your mid-twenties and those pesky pimples have left acne residue and, like, it's really not fair. Fractional laser is a specific type of laser treatment specially designed to fix that, leaving you with clear, smooth skin in 4-6 sessions.

6. Hair and Face PRP
PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma in case you were wondering. And they give it to you in a simple injection. It's good stuff. It's a lot more basic than it sounds and it doesn't matter if you didn't pay attention in high school biology because you have experts who did. The substance does wonders for your face and hair; your scalp and skin are essentially given a monster vitamin boost which makes for gorgeous plump skin and better nourished hair follicles (for women and men).

7. Tummy tucks
Once upon a time you used to have time to do crunches and make yourself granola in the mornings but now you have two kids and those little brats have not only ruined your sleeping routine but your flat tummy and the only exercise you get is when you run to stop them from picking their noses. Plus giving birth to them has resulted in the fact that there's always a roll above your jeans. Enter the unicorn of plastic surgeries; the tummy tuck. The procedure takes under 2 hours and doesn't even require general anaesthesia as the extra skin on your abdomen is removed. NO MORE ROLLS. Can we get a hallelujah?

8. Peelings
The fountain of youth may not exist but we're about this close with crystal and chemical peels. Crystal peeling uses a stream of micro crystal particles to exfoliate the outer layers of the skin, making you look fresher and younger, like you're the type of person who gets up at 7AM and goes jogging and reads self-help books. If you've got skin issues, chemical peels actually remove the top layer of skin – the dead skin – to make way for a new layer to reveal itself. This tends to be a great solution to people who didn't listen to mama and didn’t wear sunscreen despite her thirty two thousand messages to not forget the SPF and now have sun-damaged skin. Always listen to mama.

9. Cryolipolysis
No, you probably can't pronounce it and you will never, ever be able to spell it but that doesn't really matter anyway because who cares how it's spelt when it's a revolutionary fat removal technology that doesn't involve any surgery. Instead, it basically kills fat with cold. YES WE SWEAR. The cooling process targets and eliminates fat cells - and doesn't need anesthesia and doesn't leave a scar. Yes, it's real. 

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