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The Best Shots and Selfies from The Black Shadow Party

F3’s wide-angle front camera allows you to take the perfect selfies as well as the best “groupfies”.

Taking the perfect selfie is a process. Whether it’s the lighting, atmosphere, or angle. Many things go into perfecting that Instagram-worthy shot. But here’s the thing, even if you do manage to get everything down, your photo WILL NOT kick ass and get you the attention you deserve unless it's got the quality to back it up. Your face might be on fleek, but if your camera looks like it peaked when Britney Spears had her infamous meltdown, then your selfie game needs a serious upgrade.

Naturally, we turned to the selfie expert to see what they were up to so we can upgrade our own selfie game and ended up at Martin's Beach Club where Oppo's F3 Black Edition was launched at the Black Shadow Party on July 22nd. Some of our favorite social media sensations showed us how they've managed to get the perfect selfie every time.

Contrary to popular belief, there really is no new black. And this launch was the party to prove it. From their selfie-friendly mirrors to their graffiti artists, Oppo gave us a picture-perfect atmosphere for our Instagram posts. With vintage props, black curtains, black photo frames, and balloons, the party turned Oppo’s all-white theme into an all-black one, giving us hints on how to achieve that sophisticated aesthetic. Except a party isn’t a party if we aren’t having fun and so we definitely took our turn participating as a graffiti artist decorated what became a graffiti wall and a tattoo artist promised us some commitment-free semi-permanent tattoos. And of course, we had to get our own personal portrait drawings, because sexiness, that's why. 

So, how do you take that perfect Sahel selfie or “groupfie”?, you ask. At OPPO's Black Shadow Party, we had our atmosphere down. As for the quality of our photo, we used F3's wide angle front camera to get that sparkly shot. But perfecting our angle was tricky and so we asked some our favorite party guests to show us how it's done. 

Now you won’t have to untag yourself from ugly group photos on Facebook simply because you won’t be taking ugly group photos. Your selfie game will be gold and your Instagram will show it.

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