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The British Council in Egypt is Offering Certificates & Courses for Free

The British Council’s free online classes come with a real-deal certificate.

british council

After jumping into the world of MOOCs (massive open online courses) in all of its glory, we came across a way to study for free online and actually get certified by the British Council. In the discipline or topic of your choosing, you’ll be able to apply for courses and receive credit upon completion, provided that you meet the criteria. 

Medicine, computer science, law, psychology, arts, media and engineering are just a few of the academic offerings available to choose from. Students from all over the world are eligible to apply for the courses, but - just so there’s no confusion - the credits do not go towards getting a degree. You will, however,  receive a digital certificate showing that you’ve completed the curriculum. Universities participating in the program include the likes of Newcastle University, the University of Glasgow, the University of Leeds, and essentially a who’s who of the UK’s top universities.

Go to and click ‘free digital upgrades’ in the drop-down menu under ‘all courses’. Et voila.