Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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The Devil Made Me Do It

Found guilty of the harassment of a German woman in Dubai, an Egyptian man's excuse that the devil made him do it has us thinking what else we can blame on Satan...

Staff Writer

Most Egyptians believe that they are never to blame for their actions. If we are ever caught doing something wrong, the favourite go-to excuse is simply “It wasn't me, it was the devil.”

In Dubai, an Egyptian man was caught sexually harassing a 26-year old German women, by repeatedly sending SMS messages and attempting to touch and kiss her. Despite using the “devil made me do it” defence, the man was still found guilty, thankfully. However, we here at CairoScene, have decided to compile a list of all things the devil has made us do:

Some would blame the traffic for making you late, but in actuality is was the devil that delayed to that important meeting or family dinner. Which, in turn, is the reason the devil made you park your car like an idiot.

Sure, you may have smoked the hash joint, but what many forget is that it wasn't you rolling the spliff, it was the hands of the devil and he just happened to be out of Tramadol.

Some of you out there are fat, but instead of blaming your eating habits it's just easier to blame the devil for ordering your fast food. In your defence, Ronald McDonald does look a lot like the devil.

Chances are if you have dolled yourself up for a night on the town, your photo will end up on Cairo Zoom drooled over by many men. It's not your fault you wore nothing; the devil picked it out for you. Which in turn leads many to say "I wasn't masturbating myself, it was the devil masturbating me."

The most widely used excuse floating around in these political times is: "I didn't vote for Morsi, it was the devil that made me vote for him." Which, in turn, leads to the other half of Egypt claiming that it wasn't a military coup, it was the devil's coup.