Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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The Egyptian App That Acts As Tinder for Volunteers

Kheir Navigator helps connect you to volunteering and donation opportunities, giving Egyptians the chance to pay it forward.

Staff Writer

As beautifully wrapped presents piled up under our Christmas trees and our bellies continue to fill with holiday excesses, our desire to share the wealth increases. It’s also the new year and time for resolutions. So, instead of pledging to drink less caffeine or start using that gym membership you bought last January, why not contribute to making the world a better place, do good, and give to charity.

To make it easier for all of us, we found Kheir Navigator, a social matchmaker between volunteers and volunteering opportunities and also serves as a link between cases in need and NGOs. “I was a volunteer at an NGO, Le Baladna; and people kept telling me to tell them about volunteering opportunities and when my year ended at Le Baladna, I couldn’t find these volunteering opportunities myself,” says Heba Ayad, co-founder of Kheir Navigator.

If you’re a student, you can find out about all the available volunteering opportunities at your university through Kheir Navigator, and register for them too. Almost 20 universities continuously collaborate to develop charitable campaigns. Last Ramadan, for example, they put together an initiative called Box El Kheir where every university was assigned a certain commodity to make 500 Ramadan packages. 

Through Kheir Navigator, you can also volunteer or donate to an NGO. People can submit individual cases to the platform, which then get assigned to NGOs that you can donate directly to. “Connecting people brings me ultimate happiness. Each person has the responsibility to give back to the community, and knowing I help them fulfill it brings me so much joy,” adds Ayad. We need to remember that there are plenty of ways to give without going over your overdraft. “Time isn’t equally as important as money; it’s more important than money. Sometimes all people need is love,” tells us Ayad.

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