Sunday December 10th, 2023
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The Fashion Runway

Egypt gets it own fashion competition and the five lucky winners will get an all-inclusive trip to Paris Fashion Week next year. It's not quite Project Runway, but it's a step forward for Egypt's fashion industry.

Staff Writer

Us Egyptians are obsessed with the way we look. Every creed and class takes a certain pride in the way they present themselves, as global trends find their way into every nook and cranny of our diverse country. However, despite being the land of cotton, we rarely end up wearing clothing that’s made locally, let alone pay attention to Egyptian designers. Some will argue that the problem is that there isn't a platform to launch  and support talented up and coming designers. Those people would be wrong.

There’s good news for all you designers, hair and make-up artists and models dying to be noticed in the fashion world. On December 6th and 7th, Red Square will be hosting a massive design contest at the luxurious Sofitel el-Gezirah. Dubbed the Fashion Runway, the two day event will be by far the largest fashion competition Egypt has seen, and will be jam packed with several fashion shows by talented new comers, as well as established names..If you are planning to get married in the next year, then this event is a must-go as this is the Bridal Edition of the Fashion Runway, which means wedding gowns galore and plenty of inspiration for your big day.

But it’s not just about your big day. It’ll be quite the big celebration for the winners of the big competition too. One designer, one hair stylist, one make-up artist, one female and one male model who are crowned champions will win a coveted trip to the home of haute couture, being whisked away to Paris, just in time for fashion week next year. For all you budding fashion designers, the first selection process will take place October 26th and 27th, and requires designers to submit a portfolio containing five designs, two of them being bridal gown sketches. During this same period, they will also be doing the casting for the models. To build momentum, leading into December, media and public figures will be filtering through and selecting the best candidates, which will be televised, and will be available online on FR TV – the Fashion Runway’s YouTube channel.

Candidates who make the first cut will have to pay a fee that will go towards providing designers with everything they need to pull off the runway show of their dreams. Judging the competition will be some of Egypt's style elite: Hany El Behairy, Youssef Spahi, Amina Shelbaya, Mohamed Abd El Hamid, Iman Afifi and Mohamed El Sagheer. The audience will also have a chance to vote their favourite candidates by SMS, helping them on their way to Paris fashion week. The winning designer will also gain an internship with Hany El Beheiry, and will get a chance to open up the famous designer’s runway show with their own collection on the second day of the event.  

This once in a lifetime opportunity is not to be missed, and will be a very important stepping stone in bringing Egyptians into the fashion world. This may be the first competition of its like but, hopefully, it won't be the last. Before you go out and buy your wedding dress abroad, head on down to the Sofitel and find a one-of-a-kind dream gown. Make no mistake: talented Egyptians are here and finally there is a platform to show off their fashionable gear.

To find out more or to register please check out: or visit their Facebook here and YouTube channel here.