Saturday May 18th, 2024
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The Fight and Fitness Factory

This week, Cairo’s first MMA and functional training facility opens its doors. Featuring state-of-the art equipment and overseen by some seriously experienced specialists, CairoScene gets to grips with the new full body fitness hub...

Staff Writer

The Fight and Fitness Factory

Ask an Egyptian if he can fight, and he will likely sucker punch you in the face and tell you he is the greatest fighter ever! However, that same Egyptian has no idea what a Muay Thai clinch is, or know how to put an assailant into submission without even throwing a punch. We might be a society of “fighters” but the truth is that although we talk big, we lack technique. In order to achieve greatness one requires dedication and, more importantly, the proper training with the appropriate equipment. Filling this void is none other than Egypt’s first MMA (mixed martial arts) and functional training facility, the Fight and Fitness Factory set to open its doors on April 4th at Arkan Plaza in Sheikh Zayed (6th October).


The Fight and Fitness Factory is an entirely new concept for Egypt, and is the brainchild of the founders Akram Basmi, Ahmed Shama, and Ezzeddin Zahzah. These entrepreneurs/gym enthusiasts were previously responsible for creating Knockout Gym, and after selling the successful facility, they decided to create a brand new concept for a gym with an emphasis on the fastest growing sport in the world…Mixed Martial Arts.

Those who know MMA will understand how valuable and necessary a facility like this is. The dynamic full contact combat sport fuses striking and grappling techniques from various disciplines such as catch wrestling, Muay Thai, Brazilian jujitsu, boxing and more making for an amazingly complete workout. The Fight and Fitness Factory provides a state-of-the-art facility, cutting edge equipment, and even an open cage with professional mats for ground work. Perhaps most importantly, experienced trainers, champion fighters, fitness specialists and consultants will be on hand to guide, monitor and help you get the most out of your work out and training regimen. The team includes the likes of Dan “The Wolfman” Theodore, who has competed and trained with MMA champions including Rampage Jackson and Lyoto Machida (He can also be spotted in a number of blockbuster Hollywood movies strutting his moves!). 

According to The Factory’s founding partner, Ezzeddin Zahzah: “Gyms that currently offer MMA are spin offs from the Karate, Tae Kwon Do, or Kickboxing facilities that are attempting to ride the MMA wave by ignorantly adding a little bit of wrestling to a striking discipline.” The Factory also sets itself apart with its European design. “We brought the same feeling we had working out at gyms abroad; open layout, high ceilings, everything is exposed. There are no hidden rooms, studios, nor corridors, giving everyone the feeling that they are working out in the same place to feed off each other’s energy!”


This unique gym also provides a number of classes and tailored programmes for all age groups and genders including Combatatives/Self Defense, Kids’ Boxing, Spinning, Grappling and Boxercise™, as well as a variety of cardio and functional training classes (Acro-Strength, More 4 Core, Ripped 101) that vary in scope and aim to strengthen and tone your entire body. They even offer Yoga classes as, according to Zahah, “a fit body with an unbalanced mind is a dangerous combo!” And unlike other gyms, The Factory’s membership structure is based on entries, where each entry can be used to either attend a group class or complete an individual workout. Personal Training packages are also available for the uber-dedicated folks! 

There are many gyms in Egypt that provide a few services, but none as specialised and focused as The Factory’s facility. With the help of their trained professionals Egyptians will be looking tougher and hotter than Jean Claude Van Damme doing the splits between pyramids.

To learn more about the kick ass classes offered and their membership packages visit the Fight and Fitness Factory’s Facebook page by clicking here or follow them on Instagram @F3Egypt. The grand opening will be on Friday 4th April, starting from 9AM so wake up bright and early! Check out the schedule for the day below:

9:00 - Sign up for bike ride (gathering in front Arkan Plaza) 

9:30 - Departure from Arkan Plaza

10:30 - Return and photo shoot

10:45 - Complementary juice and stretching session at Fight & Fitness Factory

3pm - 5pm: Fight & Fitness Factory Master Demo Class, including 8 classes (15min each) in the following order: Boxercise, Acro-Strength, Combatives/Self-defense, On the Fly, Muay Thai, Circuit Express, Boxing then More 4 Core