Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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The Good, the Bad & the Jokers

Thanks to our friends over at CairoZoom, we've put together the best, the worst and the most overdone costumes from the slew of Halloween parties in Cairo last weekend...

Staff Writer

Some people still choose to go out on Halloween without a costume, some people go full out or buy a full look, straight off the rack but as our list shows, some people are stuck in Halloween purgatory...

The Worst:

How can I still look cool ya man on my table ya man?
Smacked in the face by the candle from Beauty and the Beast
Silk man with big salami
Not a fake knife...
Confused Halloween with Movember
N'Sync reunion?
Didn't even bother taking his actual glasses off
Brokeback Mountain
Ummm.. The Incredible Abortion Woman?

The Best:

Silk and salami man again. To be fair, it is the most creative costume we've seen...
Ace Ventura Pet Detective
I am Iron Man
Angry Birds are not so angry
Hulk not so angry either
Generalissmo Sisi
Jessica Rabbit

Special mention to all those who are stuck in 2008 and couldn't think of anything more creative than, you guessed it, Heath Ledger's The Joker *yawn*: