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The Magic of Andrew Lee

You may have seen him recently at a party or café, lurking between the crowds like an angel bird man spinning in time. He may have even done a trick for you and dazzled you with his mysticism or left you open-mouthed by showing you his magic wand...

Where did this guy come from? Who is he? Is he a wizard? We had to know, so we looked into our crystal ball at the MO4 office and summoned the magical Andrew Lee for a sit down. Check out the video below where he answers all our semi-autistic questions and even shows us some mind blowing tricks! Skip to 5:30 and 9:30 if you’re impatient to see his wizardry in action!

At a push, I managed to get him to reveal the secret to a certain cigarette trick to me. The secret, it turns out, is magic. You’ll probably run into him in the next few weeks, as he’s out and about in Cairo until July.

Find out more about him and see some more wizardry on his website -