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The Man Who Shut Obama's Mouse

We scoured the web until we tracked down the genius who made the Shut Up Your Mouse Remix and find out more about the UAE-resident...

A few days ago, a Dubstep remix was made of the infamous hysterical Egyptian woman calling out Obama to the world. In the space of 24 hours, the Egyptian interwebz was inundated with Facebook posts and Tweets linking to the remix. After one listen, the office started giggling uncontrollably, after ten listens, it was a ROFL, and by night time and about a hundred listens later the whole office was fist pumping away. We had to get in touch with the spontaneous genius who made it, 17-year old Abu-Dhabi based producer Mujtaba Suliman AKA MUJ...

Firstly, why?

I saw the original video and it was really funny, then I remembered the 'Charlie Bit My Finger' Remix five years ago and that inspired me to give it my own touch.

How long did it take from having the idea to releasing the track?

About 12 hours from when the idea struck my head; I started working non-stop, it's the fastest track I worked on and the most successful so far!

Did you suspect it would go so viral?

Honestly, I had in mind that it would gain a little more attention than my other pieces because it was sort of outside the box, but I DEFINITELY didn't think it would explode like that!

At what point did you realise the track went viral?

When I saw what everyone was talking about it on Twitter. Also, when the views jumped from almost 12k to 50k in like a day!

Were you annoyed someone else uploaded the track to their Soundcloud taking your hits?

YES! Someone posted the remix under their own SoundCloud profile and it is somehow getting more plays than me. I have claimed my copyright and the track is down now, but I could have promoted myself way better if all those people hit my channel instead.

Are you worried that anything else you produce afterwards, people will only recognise you as the guy who made the Shut Up Your Mouse remix?
This is my biggest fear right now, it is the producer's hardest job to top his best track, but I feel confident that I will. I've already done it once, I can do it again!
Do you think the woman realises how famous she is now?
I hope she does! I mean she deserves 99.9% of the credit here, I wanna send her my shout outs!
Morsi no or Sisi yes?
I wouldn't wanna get into politics too much here, I just think whoever is best for Egypt should be in charge.
More from MUJ on his Soundcloud here.