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The Mandiba Circus

While Nelson Mandela's memorial was meant as a celebration, not a funeral, some of the things that went down were pretty preposterous...

It is still unclear if the Mandela memorial service was funeral or a celebration. In remembering a man that inspired millions, the mood was certainly one of celebration. However, the way many of the leaders conducted themselves and the way the ceremony was executed was simply in poor taste.

Take for example the rock star-like adoration given to President Obama, who many cheered on as if he was the South African president. Actually, it wasn't like that at all considering that when the current South African President took the stage he was met with overwhelming sound of boos. We are guessing the extension to his mansion, and the heavy handedness of the police force towards miners didn't help his image, but then again it will be a long time till anyone can live up to Mandela's image.

As for Obama, it didn't seem very becoming that he was busy at the memorial service taking selfies with world leaders, while his wife looked visibly upset and baffled.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more ridiculous, it turned out that the sign language interpreter on stage was a fake. For anyone who has any knowledge of sign language, it would have been clear that this man was an imposter, however no one called him out throughout the whole proceeding. It wasn't until after all was said and done before this idiot was ousted. He is now claiming illness for the incident.

Almost every country sent a leader to the event, with the exception of Israel who didn’t go, citing that costs would be too high to send their President. Which is probably a good thing considering that Mandela believed and said that “we know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

To top things off, here’s a random and inappropriate appearance of the #R4BIA four-finger salute, proving there isn’t a gathering of people, no matter how small or large, that these people won’t hijack.

When all was said and done it became clear that this wasn't a memorial or celebration, it was much more like a circus and Mandela deserved better. You will be missed Mandiba.