Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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The Mistress Of Reiki

Sally Bitar wants you to feel good. Read on as the Reiki Master performs her holistic healing on our poor, tormented souls.

Staff Writer

With Egypt’s socio-cultural scene expanding at lightning speed, new initiatives, activities and associations are popping up left, right and centre. Health and fitness are no exceptions, and alongside yoga classes and early morning runs, alternative treatments and unique therapies are being more and more accepted in our formerly straight-laced society. One person leading the holistic revolution is Sally Bitar – a professional Reiki practioner who plans on healing Cairo one chakra at a time…

So tell us, what is Reiki?

Reiki is basically dealing with every person’s energy. So, for example, I can treat you or heal you or channel your energy depending on your physical or mental status. It’s  got nothing to do with my personal energy, it’s all about your energy that I can direct, based on your seven chakras it deals with every individuals energy. I work on your 7 chakras, or vital energies, which correspond to vital points on your physical body.

How is this similar to meditation and Kundalini yoga?

It’s similar to Tai Chi and stuff like that, but it works differently. It’s basically your body trying to find the balance between your mental and emotional statse.

And how much of that is based on feelings as opposed to an intuitive observations?

The deeper you go into Reiki and the more you do treatments, the more you get the emotional feel about the people you’re working with. It’s not like your suddenly know things about them or can read their minds, but you can feel certain energies around certain people. For instance, you might feel like you just can’t get close to a certain person, there’s something about him or her is not right. That’s their energy.

And do you analyse this energy the second you meet someone?

Yes, you feel it in one of your own chakras. You either feel it mentally or in your heart chakra; it depends on what your connection with that person is.

Do you have any connections to Rastafarianism?


So you didn’t learn Reiki from Bob Marley?

No, but I love Bob Marley!

What’s the difference between Reiki and Reggae?

Hahaha! It’s not Reggae, it’s Reiki!

Okay, so people can misconstrue this kind of thing as strange, secretive, spiritual voodoo, but it’s actually a very healthy exercise to do, right?

Exactly and it’s about finding the right balance. Let’s say you’ve been through a drastic emotional change or you left your job or something and you go through depression. What Reiki does is detox your body. Some people think, oh, I’m going to feel great and happy after a treatment. Reiki doesn’t necessarily work like that.

Do you think any part of this is a placebo effect?

No but its effectiveness depends on your state. For example, between my first degree and my second degree of the Reiki course, I went through certain changes in my life and I wasn’t emotionally ready to do the second degree which is learning to be a practioner of Reiki. It all really depends on your state.

How many degrees are there to go through to be a Reiki Master?

Two, so I am now a Reiki master.

Do you have to go to a course and learn from someone to do Reiki or can you learn from home, online, or books?

You have to learn it from someone. Steve Gooch is my Reiki Master and he has his Reiki Masters who taught him. Reading about it is different, you have to practice it with the actual Reiki Master and learn it from the right source and the right person. He opens up your chakras, which are like wheels. We all have this energy around and in us, what he does is activate it.

Is there not a way to open up your chakras yourself?

You can activate your own chakras by meditation as well yes, but with Reiki it’s someone else opening it for you.

Can you cure things like headaches with Reiki?

Yeah, it’s possible but a lot of people don’t believe in it and are scared to try. Some people may not necessarily feel anything at the moment I treat them but they might feel it the same night or the next day from the emotional reaction they get.

Can Reiki treat actual illnesses?

Yeah, but it’s not magic. It can treated by more than one session, it depends on the actual condition or illness. For instance, if you have a knee problem or a black problem with different sessions, the pain could lessen, but it might not go away. I’m not a doctor.

Would you say you are enlightened?


Would you say your third-eye is open?


Can you fly?

No, hahaha! I wish, that’s the only thing that’s left!

Keep trying, we’re sure you’ll get there. So give us an example of the kind of things you do in a Reiki treatment?

It depends on the type of treatment I’m going to do.  you might lie down or sit on a chair and I basically work on the 7 chakras using Reiki techniques. Like I said, some people might feel it instantly, some people don’t feel anything.

On average, what percentage of people don’t feel anything?

I don’t know exact percentage but some people tend to take it sarcastically, and they go like, “Oh I didn’t feel anything,” and then something else would happen to them shortly after and they don’t know it is related to Reiki but it is. It happened to me personally, for example. I took the sessions and then I did certain things I would have never had the guts to do, then I discovered, when I talked to my Reiki Master, that that was exactly what Reiki helps you do. It helps you take the right decisions and find the balance between your mental and emotional states which is very hard to do. That’s why some people go into depression, trying to clear their system to get into this right balance and some people might just be very happy and joyful from it. It depends on the person. Some people think that it works by you taking from my energy or me taking from yours but it’s not like that. I work on every individuals energy.

How much can we buy your energy for? We have 50LE…

Hahaha, nah, it’s not worth it.

Would you like to snort some of our energy?

Hahaha! The thing is, with my Reiki Master, I did feel his energy. He has a lot of positivity.

Is a certain chakra more important to open than another?

It depends on the person. For instance you might have a mental problem so I work with your crown-chakra or third-eye chakra.

Okay, for example, we have very good intuition but hate everyone. Could you work give us a practical treatment to work on our heart chakra?

Yep, absolutely… All of a sudden I feel like I have too much power!

How involved is Reiki in sexual energy?

It is connected because one of your 7 chakras are linked into sexual energy and that’s called your Sacral chakra.

Can any of these chakras make our penises bigger?

Haha, too much information!

So, if we do Reiki we will get laid more?

That depends on how good you are!

Well there’s only one way to find out.

*Sally proceeds to do one of her Reiki treatments on Timmy*

E-mail Sally at sallybitar@hotmail.com to book your Reiki session/treatment.