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The Mommy Hub: A Haven For New And Expecting Mothers

Pregnancy is hard; motherhood might be even harder. Rofayda Health Park is introducing The Mommy Hub, which will provide new and expecting mommies with all kinds of physical, emotional, and psychological support.

We can imagine - and some of us surely know – how being an expectant mother is as warm and rewarding as it is difficult. The bathroom trips every five minutes, the mood swings, the birthing itself, the many sleepless nights, and breastfeeding are only a few of the exhausting aspects that an expectant mother faces. Of course, mothers who are in the process of raising their children while juggling jobs and a social life are also the biggest unsung heroes of all time. And while the fathers might offer to (and even actually) help, it is always a tiring job to be a mommy.

Rofayda Health Park, a medical campus in Sheikh Zayed City, is introducing The Mommy Hub, a place for new and expecting mothers. The tranquil den will provide the mothers with the education and knowledge needed for their journey through motherhood while taking care of their health, fitness, and even entertainment. Pregnant women and mothers will have a place to support them and offer them all the help they need.

Prenatal yoga and Pilates for pregnant ladies are only some of the classes to be offered at The Mommy Hub, providing future mommies with not only physical and emotional support, but also ensuring the psychological and mental wellbeing of the truly wonderful but also draining experience of pregnancy. Such classes also help in easing labour for pregnant women and keeping them fit during their pregnancy.

The health resort includes 14 specialised clinics, providing consultations by medical professionals and experienced doctors. This is in addition to the blood bank that will be opening soon on the campus. Plus, good news for new mommies, you can also bring the little ones to the cute hub for some fun and games!

For more about The Mommy Hub, you can check out Rofayda’s Facebook page.