Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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The Most Annoying Texters

We all know that one person who inspires homicidal urges in us when communicating through text. Whether it's an unhealthy obsession with emojis or single-letter responses to emotional crises, here's a list of some of the most annoying texting habits.

Staff Writer

We must all admit that texting has become the way many prefer to communicate. However, whether it is in Egypt or the rest of the world, there are those who use this technology appropriately, and those who warrant having their texting devices disabled permanently and dropped into the deepest ocean. Here are 6 offences that leave the most annoying abusers friendless. 


You know you are an acronymph if you use more than one acronym per message, or if the reader needs a rosetta stone to understand your message.

Textoholics are people who have addiction problem to texting under the influence of alcohol. First mistake thinking your text is understandable. Second mistake is that people are usually asleep when you send them. Third, no one has ever texted anything worthwhile while being intoxicated, we assure you that you won't be the first. 

Broadcast Sheisters

Broadcasting Sheisters send out mass texts that are not only annoying, but are largely never read. If you want a reply to something important, send it to the person you need to reach and leave us out of it. 

K Texters
K texters are the type of people who cannot be bothered to add an O to their K, let alone a proper response to your text. You could go as far as spilling your heart, looking for support, only to find out that you are terrible at choosing friends.
You are guilty of Emogurgitating when you regurgitate emoticons like you still live in Ancient Egypt, communicating in modern day Hieroglyphics. 
Winking Wankers
You are a winking wanker if you are texting someone who doesn't really know you well, but you feel like you can get away with winking over nothing. Are you sexualizing my day with that wink? We don't know you and have relegated you to the hate zone, and hope to turn that wink into a black eye.