Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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The Sahara Collection: City Beats

We check out Sahara's bright and bohemian FW14 collection and feel inspired to stop wearing dark colours this winter...

Staff Writer

As winter weaves its dull grey web around us, The Sahara Collection is injecting a dose of dynamic colour into this gloomy season with their vibrant winter 2014 collection, City Beats. As a general rule, winter makes us want to curl up on a couch and go into hibernation. We dress in dark colours to match the weather. And our mood. Because getting out of those cosy covers is an ordeal in and of itself and we feel it necessary to express our displeasure at having to venture outside the warmth of our beds by wearing colours fit for a funeral.

The kids over at The Sahara Collection clearly do not share our feelings and have designed a fresh-hued, pattern-overloaded collection for the season that has us possibly considering tossing some colour into our morbid winter wardrobe. Perhaps we’ll even get out of bed with a smile. Perhaps it’ll give us a sunny disposition and we’ll face the day with a smile. Or maybe not. But at least we’ll look good as we trudge miserably to work.

City Beats mimics the energy and liveliness of city life, and the casual-cool collection is perfect for everyday wear in Cairo’s streets. They’ve drawn inspiration from ethnic prints, turning out a collection brimming with awesome tribal and Aztec patterns. From casual kimono-cum-cardigans that you toss over anything, to full length, long-sleeved Aztec print dresses in vibrant hues that make you long for summer, to some seriously cool patterned pants, this collection’s got the whole ‘let’s brighten up your winter’ thing down. The men’s pieces are less overwhelmingly printed, opting for inserts instead, giving the clothes just the right amount of visual interest.

If you feel like shunning the darkness this winter, and embracing the light, take a look at the funky, bright collection!

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @thesaharacollection