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The Secret to Healthy Weight Loss? Know Your Body

Drop your mother's best friend's ridiculous diet plans, please. They're never going to work. You need something tailor made for you and your lifestyle.

Why does every bride wait until a month or so before her wedding to go on that crash course of a diet to fit into her dream dress? Why do we sometimes prefer to have our bodies lose weight and look okay for a big event and then go back to the same cycle where we get mad about it and curse our beautiful bodies? WHY? We know it's easier said than done to change your entire lifestyle and eating habits, especially when you enjoy trying new dishes and snacking (midnight onwards). The thing is, no one is taking any of that away from you when they propose health guides.You need that motivation, though; you can't just get up one day and decide to look online for hours to figure out calorie counts, find 'healthy new recipes', and make your own meal plan. You'll just end up ordering a large stuffed crust pizza, anyway. But, after a guilt trip courtesy of your kersh, you know you just have to get the help of professionals. No, your mom's best friend with her get-skinny-quick gimmicks doesn't count as professional.

You need to know your body before making it lose weight, which is something Body Blocks prioritises with their customised programmes. Founder, and nutritional therapist, Nadine El Alaily tells us that, before starting with Body Blocks, they'd be documenting all your deets – your weight, general health, specific health conditions, goals, and hopes for a new lifestyle. Yea, it's all about your specific body – no more following generic online diets or copying your neighbour's rejeem.Here's how it works (pay attention): you have two different 'steps' that you can take – each step is kind of like your 'path' – but each step gives you different options. For example, Step One has the '12-Week Program' option and the Put Me On Track option. The 12-Week Program is more comprehensive and provides coaching sessions, dietary monitoring, and clinical testing; you get six sessions to revise your progress and assess your reports, which will be emailed directly to you. On the other hand, Put Me On Track does just as its name suggests – you still have your advice, goal setting, supplements, and exercise, but you don't have to commit to following up with someone every two weeks.Step One has three options (again, pay attention). The first is doing a detox for up to seven days with Beano's (yes, Beano's) which will deliver all your liquids to your doorstep; the second is The Busy Lifestyle Program which provides meal plans also delivered to wherever you may be; the third option is a simple follow-up session, which will still include meal plans and in-body assessments.

"We want to encourage people to look deeper into their symptoms, and that's where the clinical tests come in," El Alaily explains. "It shows them why they could be always feeling tired, or have inflammation, which may explain their muscle aches, pains, etc. We also ask for tests after they complete the programme to show them the progress in their blood pictures, and how simple food changes and lifestyle habits make a huge difference."The passionate founder also adds one of her personal goals, which is encouraging mothers to start following their passion and starting their own businesses or projects. "With education, the technology today and drive, the sky is the limit and you do not have to choose between being a good mom or having a career! We have the luxury of juggling both in todays world. Body Blocks is only just beginning and we hopefully have many more plans to come!"

Let's get real, we all have to start getting healthy at some point because our current lifestyles will kill us if we don't kill them first. It's official. We're motivated. We're going to get healthy and, by summer, we'll be on that beach with a healthy, glowing, and HAPPY body! And we'll have a ton of recipes to show off, so we'll be Instagramming the beach and our food – double the cool points?Check out their website for more information on how to reach them, and on their programmes and how to sign up in their different locations at Zamalek with Shewekar El Gharably, Palm Hills 6th OCT Spa with Eman Fahmy, Swan Lake New Cairo with Sherine El Shimi, and Giza at B_URN with Amina Naguib or Sandrine Kachour.