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The Sphinx: Made in China?

The country's latest attempt to wok like an Egyptian has sent tourism chiefs crackers.

China has been accused of making a wrong move after creating a knock off copy of the Sphinx. Developers in the country, renowned for its shoddy fakes, created the life sized replica of the Egyptian landmark near Donggou village in the northern province of Hebei. And now they hope to cash in on tourism and even use the site as a movie set.

However the news has hit a sour note with many who claim the move could spell a disaster for Egypt's already ailing tourism industry. Egyptologist Bassam Chandler claims that the move could KO any hopes of a revival. He said:  "I'm worried that tourists will not visit Egypt anymore, if they can see the replica closer to home." The Chinese Sphinx was built with steel and concrete, and painted to look like limestone. It will form part of a theme park and film park.