Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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The Tipsy Teapot

The latest venue to hit Maadi (NOT ON ROAD 9!!!), The Tipsy Teapot is now open, serving the cutest little dishes, served in teacups, and will be living up to its name very soon. We talk to the founder to find out more...

Staff Writer

We recently stumbled upon a new restaurant/café, The Tipsy Teapot, which, naturally, sparked our interest as soon as we spotted the word tipsy. We're not alcoholics, we just love our liquor. Anyways, the newly opened store is actually a whole villa, located on Road 17 in Maadi, a fresh change from the thirteen thousand food places open on Road 9, which incidentally, is also the only road we know in Maadi.

The place has a casual laid-back atmosphere, complete with a lush garden furnished with adorably kitsch couches and chairs. The villa is split into an upstairs/downstairs kind of situation, where the ground floor "is more or less the restaurant," according to Alisa Amin, one of the owners of the new place, while the top floor "is more of a hangout spot," which comes with plush vintage-y armchairs, chalkboard walls, and a pool table, naturally. They serve "comfort food, slightly poshed-up," says Amin. A quick flick through their Facebook page reveals some freaking delicious looking treats like a Brie and Jam Muffin, and brownies in a teacup. Brownies in a teacup! Is there anything more adorable on this earth? Maybe their trifle in a teacup. It's a close call. We've also got our eye on their Lemon & Chilli Calamari Rings.

Though the name might seem slightly misleading at the moment, as they don’t serve alcohol yet, the place is pending their liquor license, which should be arriving any day now, and they will definitely be living up to the 'tipsy' in their title. They'll be serving their wine in actual teacups and beer in mugs, which just adds to the cute factor of the place, where hand-painted drawings adorn the walls in a colourful Alice-In-Wonderland-esque manner, all swirls and lopsided teacups.

We love the fact that the place has different aspects to it, so you can either go for a proper meal, or just to chill out with friends and play some pool. It's meant to be "low key, and down to earth," says Amin. We can't wait until they start filling up those teacups with vodka! Oh and for all the carnivores out there, the place also serves bacon!

You can check out The Tipsy Teapot's Facebook page here.