Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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These Ovens Make Us Want to Have a Pizza Party Everyday

Egyptian-Italian company Pizza Academy sells authentic pizza ovens, importing the knowledge of its Napolitan co-founders and reproducing their designs in Cairo.

Farah Ibrahim

These Ovens Make Us Want to Have a Pizza Party Everyday

One of the things Egypt and Italy have in common is our obsession with food. Our deepest sentiments of appreciation are often felt in the warm, fuzzy pits of our stomachs. One reason for said appreciation is pizza, bizza, fatayer, or whatever you want to call it. They are a doughy, carby, heartwarming piece of heaven— but one that is often hard to recreate at home. That’s when you hit up the Pizza Academy.

The Egyptian-Italian owned business imports all the know-how of its co-founders in Napoli and hauls it into Egypt to reproduce traditional pizza ovens locally. Working with the likes of Casa Italia, Sagra, and Premier Market, the local business creates gas and wood ovens that are as Italian as it gets.

“We’re trying to spread the authentic way of making Italian pizza, and we saw a huge gap in the market for proper pizza ovens,” said co-founder Mohamed Fathy. “There is an art to how you make a pizza, and when people try to make it with traditional ovens it’s almost impossible to reach the same results. We want to help Egyptians create the perfect pizza at home.”

Pizza Academy’s line ranges from gorgeous mosaic ovens, mobile ovens and shiny copper, among others.