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Think you Know your Egyptian Film and Music Trivia? ‘Anoon’ Puts Your Knowledge to the Ultimate Test

‘Anoon’ is the card game looking to test how much you really know about Egyptian ‘afashat aflam’ and music trivia!


Recent circumstances have brought on a wave of innovation in Egypt - at least when it comes to tabletop games to pass the time in-doors, that is. Made to keep people entertained if they're quarantined at home, ‘Anoon’ is a brand new card game that puts your knowledge of Egyptian films and music to the ultimate test.

“Anoon is a game that can connect all Egyptians,” creator Nathalie Abou Lehaf told CairoScene, “The game is completely based on Egyptian culture and covers both movie references and songs. Moreover, the game can be enjoyed by people of all ages because we incorporate both recent, as well as older, Egyptian films and songs.”

Each team picks a member  to be the ‘Anoon’, who selects a card from a category chosen by the opposing team. The four categories -  “Eh El 3alaka”, "Afashat x Aghany", "3x1" and “Khamed el Oghneya” –  all contain distinct challenges that force you to dig deep into the recesses of your Egyptian pop culture knowledge. Try to remember what movie that quote's from, guess which celebrity acted in three named movies, see two celebrities and figure out which film they've collaborated on - you'll soon discover which of your family members can put your trivia on Egyptian music and cinema to shame.

To get your hands on ‘Anoon’, DM them on Instagram, with delivery all across Egypt.