Friday April 19th, 2024
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This App Tells You Where to Go in Egypt Based on Your Preferences

Imagine an app that can tell you the best day-use places for you to go based on your location, budget, time, and basically your lifestyle. Because Go Day Use does exactly that.

Staff Writer

This App Tells You Where to Go in Egypt Based on Your Preferences

Here we go again; another boring afternoon with your friend as you sit and try to name all of the nearby places that you can go to. You’ve been to the pizza joint down the street a billion times, and you’ve circled the exact same mall out of boredom about a trillion times. And when you try to think of new places, these are the only two places that come to mind for some odd reason. ENOUGH. But because there are about 7 billion other places in Egypt where you could possibly be doing completely different things for the day, Go Day Use have put all of them into one customisable portal for you to find by lazily pressing a few buttons.

It’s exactly as it sounds. You just head to the Go Day Use website or use their app (coming soon) to type in your exact location, budget, category, how much time you want to be out, and other preferences. The portal will then generate all of your preferred places with prices, services, opening hours, and even how to get there. It also advises you about any age restrictions, whether there’s parking, or WIFI, or if pets are allowed. BAM, literally a new place every day. We’re not going to lie, this is particularly good for those of us who are broke all the time and want to find some super cheap things to do nearby!

Currently, the service is available in Egypt and the UAE with many more countries coming as soon as they launch their app. The Go Day Use app will include three new countries, nine new cities, an advanced search function, and the ability to fully plan out your day. Field trip anyone?

Check out the Go Day Use website here and check them out on Facebook and Instagram

Photo by Amr Tahtawi