Tuesday May 30th, 2023
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This Downtown Cairo Festival is Spotlighting Local Sustainable Fashion

‘From Waste to Good Taste’ is spreading its love for vintage and sustainable clothing at Downtown Cairo’s The Factory.

John Bichara

Looking to take us away from fast fashion, micro trends and overflowing wardrobes, ‘From Waste to Good Taste’ - a local sustainable fashion initiative - is spotlighting the importance and beauty of eco-friendly fashion. They’ve been fostering a sustainable and stylish community, shedding light on the resources and skills needed for this lifestyle shift, and they’re about to spread the love for vintage items with their new event at Downtown Cairo’s The Factory.

On February 24th and February 25th, the festival will host creative up-cycling workshops, a vintage clothing museum, and a clothes painting workshop that will help spring life and colour back into old garments.

‘From Waste to Good Taste’ is led by creative community Cocoon Cultural Centre, the Egyptian Clothing Bank, and recycled fashion brand Almah. The event is open to the public between 2 PM and 10 PM.