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This Eco-Conscious Brand Makes Absurdly Aesthetic Straws

Participating in a circular economy and doing away with single-use straws is the mission of local brand Earthly, who has graced us with their line of wooden, biodegradable straws.

In our latest efforts to #SaveTheTurtles, we’ve come across local lifestyle brand Earthly, which is making eco-consciousness more aesthetically pleasing than ever before. Encouraging us to ditch single-use plastics without sacrificing sippy straws, the new brand has introduced their reusable straws which are truly to-die-for.

Hitting two birds with one stone, Earthly’s straws are both sustainable and locally-sourced, meaning that they don’t only help protect the environment, but participate in the circular economy as well. Made from natural woods, the straws are biodegradable, green-friendly, and they're also super aesthetic - which may not be the greatest concern if you're stuck on ethical consumption, but hey, cute design ain’t never hurt nobody.

The straws come in two sizes to suit all your slurping needs; the smoothie straw which is wider for all your chunky, fruity creations, and the slender straw for all your homemade juices and infused waters. Not only that, but they come in two colour variations; light and dark wood.

The brand hopes to introduce more eco-friendly products into their product line by next year, but for now, they are exclusively selling reusable straws. Slide into their DMs to place your order.