Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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This Egyptian Brand's Macramé Hanging Planters Are Your Next Home Purchase

DIY enthusiasts, you will especially love this.

Staff Writer

In the sea of Ikea-ish interior décor clichés that has every other room looking like a college dorm room, we had almost given up on hanging something original on our walls that doesn’t cost us a small fortune. 

That is until we found Mama Bear.

Mama Bear offers a selection of macramé hangings that promise to make your space stand out by adding colour, warmth, and greenery to your home.

Founder Nour El-Kolaly chatted with us about her inspiration to start this new interior design trend in Egypt. 

“I worked for five years as an event planner but found myself bored and unhappy. After a lot of thought, I put all my savings in a house in Ras Sudr and the idea came to me when I was trying to find similar hangings to decorate my new home. I couldn’t find anyone who sold macramé hangings here so I started teaching myself how to make them,” the AUC graduate told us.

A big fan of the great outdoors, El-Kolaly’s love for hiking and nature is embodied in her signature macramé hanging planters. The best thing about these planters is their versatility; simply pop up your preferred greenery and hang them from the nearest hook to make your room look more polished. 

El-Kolaly also named the brand to honour her own 'mama bear’ who is also the artist behind all the woodwork pieces.

When we asked El-Kolaly how she found the patience to finish each complex piece she told us, “when you do something you love, you don’t need patience. You enjoy the process.”

We couldn’t agree more.

To add your own slice of boho paradise to your space check out Mama Bear’s Instagram @mamabearnco.