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This Egyptian Campaign Is Helping Underprivileged Brides

Unilever Mashreq’s Khody Waatek campaign has teamed up with the Misr El Kheir Foundation to donate home appliances to 50 underprivileged brides in Upper Egypt.

Preparing for marriage can be a daunting time for many young couples, especially brides. And getting all the living necessities for the couple’s new home often puts a financial strain on them, particularly those who come from a less privileged background. With more and more women joining the workforce, many brides can find themselves struggling to balance their personal and practical lives, but Unilever Mashreq is stepping up and attempting to change that. 

As a constant advocate for and supporter of women, Unilever has always been involved in the journey to empower women. That's why as we found out, earlier this summer, the Unilever Personal Care Products division launched their Ramadan campaign, Khody Waatek; aimed to encourage women to take their ‘me time’ during the busy, hectic days of Ramadan, enabling them to juggle between the never-ending gatherings and family responsibilities, while feeling re-energised. 

Women all over the country connected with it and even we found ourselves thinking 'yes, I've earned some me time!' Now, Unilever has now carried out yet another initiative aimed at women. But this time, slightly shifting the focus to help a number of underdeveloped villages in the Qena Governorate, including Nag Hammadi, Al Helfayah, and Towayrat and chose 50 brides from these underprivileged communities to donate home appliances to on Wednesday, July 5th. 

Sherien Abdel El-Moneim, member of the board of directors and head of Personal Care Products Marketing, congratulated the brides and reaffirmed the company’s commitment to serving the community and fulfilling its social responsibilities in all aspects.

Speaking on the selection of the women who received the donations, the head of the Social Solidarity Sector at the Misr El Kheir foundation Ahmed Ali said “the selection of distributing home appliances to 50 Egyptian brides in Qena government is done through a committee from Misr El Kheir upon specific standards and qualifications established by the foundation.” 

Unilever has previously participated in a number of development projects such as the “Zinab” project for providing employment opportunities for women, as well as the “Safeer” project for providing job opportunities for youth in sales and marketing, in addition to the company’s contribution to many awareness campaigns in Egypt’s schools.

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