Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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This Egyptian Documentary Reveals the Secrets of Zamalek’s Abandoned Tower

This mini-documentary, titled The Tower, sorts facts from fiction about the mysterious abandoned tower of Zamalek.

Staff Writer

Most Zamalek residents have heard countless stories surrounding Cairo's first ever skyscraper, which is located on the south end of the island of Gezira, facing the police station and El Gezira Sporting Club. The building is easily recognisable by Zamalek residents and anyone who uses October Bridge (aka: all Cairenes).

The building has a number of rumours surrounding the reasons of its abandonment, with the most popular theory being that it doesn't have enough parking spots to accommodate the huge amount of cars that could've possibly had a drastic effect on Zamalak's traffic if the building was functioning.

In a mini-documentary, titled The Tower, director Gehad Abdel Nasser seeks to sort facts from fiction on the creepy building, as he talks to Zamalek residents and the owner of the building, Khaled Fouda, who reveals the real reasons why the structure is in this state.