Wednesday June 19th, 2024
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This Homegrown Frozen Food Brand Is All About Keeping Toddlers Healthy

From parents to parents, The Monster’s Table makes nutritious and flavorsome frozen food for your little ones’ development (and taste buds.)

Ziyad El-Helbawy

This Homegrown Frozen Food Brand Is All About Keeping Toddlers Healthy

With fun and whimsical names like "Let's Get Freekeh" and “Salmon Says”, parents and little ones alike are drawn into the fantastical and nutritious world of The Monster's Table, a homegrown Egyptian frozen meal brand on a mission to nourish Cairo's youngest minds and bodies - and help their frazzled parents retain some semblance of sanity.

With deliveries across Cairo - and now across Sahel, The Monster's Table provides a bounty of tantalizing choices for babies, toddlers and young children through nutrient-dense baby purees, finger foods, mini meals and sauces tailored perfectly to meet the nourishing requirements of each developmental stage.

"We have merchandise coming out, and we can't wait for parents to strut our puns," Founder Farah Aly shares. But behind the playfully named dishes lies a serious aim: nourishing young minds, bodies and spirits from within. The imaginative menu caters to each developmental stage, from wholesome baby blends with punny names like "Zoochini" for zucchini puree and "Orange You Sweet?" for carrot-orange mash, to family classics reimagined for toddlers like shepherd's pies and salmon rice brimming with sneaky veggies.

"I started in February 2019 in my own kitchen. At first, I cooked all the meals and did the deliveries myself, but now we have a team of eight, including three chefs," Aly tells Scene Eats.

What began as a passion project born from Aly's desire to provide her own daughter with the healthiest start through wholesome homemade meals, soon grew into a full fledged business bringing that convenience and nutrition to families across Cairo.

The chefs at The Monster's Table conjure up delicious and delightful recipes using the finest natural and wholesome ingredients, while on-staff dietitians ensure every bite is bursting with optimal nourishment - because for The Monster’s Table, fueling a child's growth goes way beyond filling their tummy - It's about awakening their wonder at the world, backing their boundless energy, and building family traditions through meals made with laughter, joy and devotion at each step of their journey.

The Monster's Table also offers nutritionist sessions to help parents customize their child's diet based on individual needs. "When a mom goes to our website and is a confused parent with a fussy eater, she goes through a questionnaire that gives her a little insight into her child's eating habits," explains Aly. From there, the company's nutritionists work with parents to develop personalized meal plans and recommendations tailored to each child's tastes, allergies, and dietary requirements.

"What I'd like to touch upon is that there is no such thing as kids' food. I make healthy, delicious food that comes in kid-friendly portions. Kids should be eating like us, and that's the main goal," explains Aly. From "Poppy" who likes plain food to "Xander" the brilliant star eater, different "monsters" represent the various eating habits children progress through - and The Monster's Table aims to help children achieve the optimum.

"Before I had my daughter Jalila, I was always interested in cooking. I was halfway through a supper club before I found out I was pregnant, so that's when the business shift came to be. When I read about kid nutrition, I figured that's a great opportunity. I wanted to merge my love for my daughter with my love for food," Aly shares with Scene Eats.

She saw a gap in the market for convenient yet nutritious meals made with care and attention. "There's no one like us in the market. Our generation is not really into cooking, and life demands more than it used to. No one has the time to do the tedious thing," Aly says. "Being a mom to a six-month-old and doing anything else is the toughest thing in the world. The biggest challenge is being a mom and balancing that with work." Aly adds, noting the challenges that faced her upon founding The Monster’s Table.

With a mission to make parents' lives easier, The Monster's Table set forth on a journey to provide parents the convenience of pre-prepared meals brimming with the nourishment and devotion of home cooking, fueled by a parent's love.

So, are your precious picky eaters ready to dine like foodie royalty?