Monday February 26th, 2024
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This New Furniture Line Has Found the Sweet Spot between Youthful and Elegant

El-Diwan Interior’s new line Bash6 Designs incorporates pastel colours with creative patterns for a modern and elegant home.

Staff Writer

When preparing a new home, beach property or otherwise, or even redecorating a current one, it is more often than not a challenge to find just the right style that suits your tastes. Not to mention the taste of your spouse, children, in-laws... and the list goes on. This holds especially true for those who are looking for youthful, yet chic designs. 

As someone who is currently on the hunt for an apartment, this writer has spent countless days putting a lot of thought into the exact style of interior design she is looking for, and even more days trying to find places that offer this style. That’s why El-Diwan Interior’s announcement of the launch of their new line Bash6 Designs comes as much needed good news.

With over 40 years of experience throughout the Middle East, you will be hard pressed to find a company more capable to deliver quality interior designs. And their new Bash6 Designs does just that. Incorporating a soothing, homey palette of pastel colours and creative patterns and textures, Bash6 offers the perfect mix of modern, young, and endlessly elegant.

What Bash6 has done is update our monotonous homes and palettes with an energy that is best described as 'new Middle Eastern chic'. Colours that compliment our mums' old rugs and contrast the grey of the city have found their new home. And We hope it's ours.