Monday 5 of December, 2022
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This New Local Brand’s Beach Blankets Will Make Your Instagram Dreams Come True

100% Egyptian made, 100% delicious beach nappin'.

Staff Writer

Who knew the day would come when we would be chilling at the beach in what looks like a real life donut, or cupcake, or burger? Move over ugly, ragged, sand filled, good for nothing beach towel because Egyptian brand Pajamas has just released a brand new summer beach blanket collection making all of our instagram dreams come true.

Founded by Rabab El Sawah, Pajama is a local homeware brand originally specialising in making pajamas (surprise!). Now the brand has expanded into the realm of beach essentials and have blessed us with unique beach blankets that can turn a regular Sahel outing into a fiesta. Obviously because the most important things in any summer party are the snacks! So while donuts, cupcakes, drinks, and burgers are all edible items, having these beach blankets to resemble the mood is the perfect addition.

The best part about all of this is that the blankets are 100% Egyptian made. “Everything from fabric, alterations, printing, and colouring is done here in Egypt. We don’t import any of our products,” El Sawah says proudly. Check out the gorgeous collection below.  


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