Tuesday May 30th, 2023
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Top 10 Egyptian Belly Dancers

Who are the ladies who transfix us all with their sultry moves?

Staff Writer

With hips that sway and swivel beyond the abilities of a normal human being, and donning elaborately bedazzled costumes that put their, err, assets, on display, belly dancers can transfix an entire crowd with one magical move. Here are some of the Egyptian ladies who have gotten men to melt and women to be envious with their sultry dancing. 


Dina is one name that never gets old when it comes to the belly dancing scene. Getting involved in the profession in the early 1970s, she was named "Last Egyptian Dancer" by Newsweek. She graduated from the university of Ain Sham and also happens to have a Masters Degree in Philosophy! Who knew?

Fifi Abdou 

The queen of oriental dance is 62 and still rocking it, but these days she's moved away from dance and is jumping from being an actress to a TV show host. The empowering female reportedly owned 5,000 dancing costumes, the most expensive being valued at $40,000. And she's freaking fabulous. Khamsa emwah.


Amie was born to an Egyptian family, but grew up in Singapore and was raised a classical ballerina who happened to develop a passion for the art of belly dancing later on in her life. Other than mastering the moves of jazz, contemporary, and tap dance, Amie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from Rhodec Institute of the Arts and is an alumnus of Cairo American College.


Famous Egyptian hip swiveling queen Lucy has always rocked stages and weddings, played a big role in growing the belly dancing scene in Egyptian culture, and entertained millions with her magnetizing moves.

Maya Maghraby 

Maya has been doing everyone a favour acting in Egyptian movies, and giving them a sexy edge with some of her signature hip shaking. Her incredible dancing skills and beauty have captured the attention of Egyptians and made her one of the top choices for wedding celebrations and parties.


With a unique name and a colourful and very different choice of costume, Bardees has managed to stand out in the art of dancing in Egypt, making a name for herself and getting us to fall more and more in love with belly dancing.

Shakira El Masria 

The local Shakira of our country has exploded on Youtube with 3 million hits to her single - yes, she does have vocal talent as well - which goes perfectly well with her incredible dancing skills. Her hips don't lie ya gama3a.

Sama El Masry

The body of a ballerina and the hips of a belly dancer, Sama El Masry is a dream embodied in a person who moves like magic.


Usually going by the moniker 'Princess of Oriental Dance', Shams has a certainly attractive choice of costumes and moves that seem to go so swiftly with the beats; it feels like she's merging with the music and we can't stop admiring the art.

Nagwa Fouad

A true Egyptian bellydancer with purely Egyptian roots that show up in her unmistakable skills. She rose to fame after her debut at Abdeen Casino, where she met Ahmad Fouad Hassan, a stage show producer who got to perform. From there on she has scored legendary films and made a name of herself that certainly won't be forgotten.