Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Top News Stories in Egypt in 2015

As predicted by your friendly neighbourhood CairoScene team...

Staff Writer

Bassem Youssef will get fined 5 billion LE

Because he isn't the government's favourite person, Bassem Youssef is looking at a lot more fines in 2015. The day after he mocks new reforms he is fined 5 billion pounds for smoking in the street because at the moment he chose to light his cigarette at an undisclosed location, it was illegal somehow.

Free Baby Make a Comeback as Free Teen

Arab's Got Talent hits the screens again. In one episode, a group of pre-teens called Free Teen perform their original song Mama Fein?. Soon everybody realises that it is in fact former pop wonder Free Baby who are attempting a comeback. The track becomes everyone's call tone.

Fashion Blogging is now illegal

After banning homosexuals, Muslim Brothers and many others from the social sphere of the internet, the Egyptian government gets annoyed with the rising number of fashion bloggers and suspects foul play. As a result, fashion blogging is outlawed.

Zamalek almost, kind of, nearly win.

Each year, Zamalek gets better than the year before and set for the premiership win. In 2015, however, they really are, once more! Despite Real Madrid avidly avoiding selling Gareth Bale and Zlatan Ibrahimovich hesitantly leaving Paris St. Germain, they both join Zamalek on loan. However, in a twist of fate, Zamalek still manages to lose the premiership.

Egypt's funniest CCTV videos becomes the #1 show on TV

The increased number of CCTV cameras all around the country produces a lot of material. So much so that security personnel has the idea to launch a new show on TV that compiles the funniest footage. Videos of the everyday craziness of Cairo become the #1 show on TV.

Okka and Mai Kassab become Egypt's top power couple.

The much anticipated wedding of Okka (of & Ortega fame) and Mai Kassab has Egypt rejoicing. The news of the actress expecting adds to the joy. Going with the worldwide baby craze, Mai and Okka decide to choose a rather odd moniker for their baby girl. The news of their new bundle of joy being called Kamanga sets off a nation-wide enthusiasm for odd baby names.  

Shut up your mouth Obama woman meets Obama and literally shuts him up

After being invited to the White House to meet the US President, the Shut Ub Your Mouse Obama woman arrives in Washington with a megaphone. The day she is set to encounter the president, she throws an apple at him, causing him to cancel the meeting. In the following press conference, she cuts Obamas microphone cable, literally causing him to shut up.